Southampton, West Bromwich Albion, Waterford, Brighton's jersey in the "442" looks very ordinary, but overall also considered quite satisfactory, so were ranked sixth to ninth. Arsenal's new season's jersey is still red and white, but the red color is deeper than last season, collar design looks somewhat coordinated, so only ranked tenth. Chelsea striker, last season to win the hero Diego Costa is currently not going to participate in the Blues season preparation. Chelsea executives have agreed to the requirements of the Spaniards Lukas Sedlak Jersey, give him an extra time to think about the future whereabouts. For a long time, there will be only one substitute center in the hands of Conti Bashuayi available. ?Arsenal then set foot on the Far East tour, the Arsenal official website announced the 25-man squad, the new aid Korasinaz, Lacaze and Ozil list on the list , But just finished the Confederations Cup Sanchez is not among them. Similarly, just joined the Confederations Cup of Mustafi is not in the array Artem Anisimov Jersey, participated in the European Youth League of Bellein, Chambers, Holdine also stay at home. Rumors may join Juventus of Szesoni did not set off with the team, has no position Gibbs, Debre and Jane Jinsen Blue Jackets Jerseys For Sale, striker Lucas - Perez are not in the list Nick Foligno Jersey, but another caught in the rumors of the rumors Lu is on the list.