2016/17 season, the Champions League final is about 2:45 on Sunday morning, Tencent sports will be the game live video, so stay tuned! Real Madrid and Juventus will compete for the club's highest honor in Cardiff City. Before the game, the gaming company odds show that Real Madrid is still a weak advantage is optimistic. In the past four seasons, Real Madrid has three times into the Champions League final, after two have won, respectively, 2013/14 and 2015/16 season, and Juventus in the 2014/15 season reached the final, but Lost to Barcelona missed the championship. However, after the Champions League restructuring team has never been successful defending, which will be the biggest challenge facing Real Madrid. Odds show that Real Madrid won the odds of 1 to lose 1.9, Juventus is a compensable 1.95, relative is not optimistic about the party. On the team total worth, Real Madrid to 764.8 million euros disdain for global football Blue Jackets Jerseys For Sale, worthy of gold and gold to create the "Galaxy warships." The only able to match only Barcelona: 758 million euros. "Saskatchewan" another Bayern to fifth only 566.2 million euros, with Real Madrid has been poor nearly 100 million. And in the world's first money league Cody Goloubef Jersey, in recent years has been crazy to buy buy the Premiership giants, compared to Real Madrid can only catch up: Manchester City 5253 million euros, Chelsea 510 million euros Scott Hartnell Jersey, Arsenal 492.5 million euros, Manchester United 469 million euros Oliver Bjorkstrand Jersey.